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Returning when studios re-open!

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***FEATURED TEACHER*** Brendan Plunkett RYT 200

CONSENT. It’s important people, definitely in yoga class. In case ya didn’t know, physically assisting students is a big discussion in the yoga teaching community right now. That’s a great thing. Some teachers say just don’t. Some say almost always ok. My opinion, I’ll leave it up to you. I do offer a lot of different physical & verbal assists in my classes. If I do ever physically assist you in class it’s because I want to guide you to a position that feels supported by strength & feels spacious & healthy. Regardless of my intentions though, every student has their own story in the yoga practice.  I promise to always give you a choice. There will always be Yoga Flip Chips in my classes because the decision to be physically touched should ALWAYS be up to you.  Love physical assists? Great. Never been into them? Great. Just not feeling it today? Great. Changed your mind halfway through class? Great.  @yogaflipchip provides a discreet, explanation-free, & simple way for me to respect you & your practice.  I’m not sponsored, I don’t work for this awesome company. I just genuinely believe in their product. It’s been revolutionary for my classes. I have more confidence assisting students because they directly communicate with me about what they need/want. I don’t worry about whether they’ve changed their mind since the beginning of class. I don’t panic because I forgot to ask the class about physical assists in the beginning (I’m human). You don’t need to explain anything to me, unless you want to. I see your choice & I respect it.  Philly yoga practitioners, you’ll get familiar with these little chips soon...

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"What if you had the power of choice without feeling vulnerable in a yoga class? Sometimes it’s nice to have a gentle assist to remind us where we should safely be in a posture. Then there are other days or even weeks we would crumble and fall apart at the mere thought of someone assisting us. In the classes I teach you will always be offered a choice. You may choose to be assisted or not and can change your mind at anytime during the class. My goal is for you to feel safe on your mat and the class environment while you practice. I teach through a Trauma Informed lens. It is always your choice, always your body, always your breath. You may join us or take a position of comfort. First and foremost the breath connection is a priority. The physicality is merely a bonus. I work with men and women of all ages but I primarily work with pre- and post-natal women. I have been a Respiratory Therapist for 22 years now and work with the neonatal and labor and delivery population currently. I feel deeply connected to helping women safely connect to their own bodies both physically and mentally. The Flip-Chip is a fantastic tool that puts the choice of touch in the students hands" MELANIE PARK, E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®
"I believe that it is not only my goal, but also my duty as an instructor to create a safe space for my students. Giving students the ability to consent to hands-on adjustments and have the power to change their mind at anytime is a critical part of my teaching style. Whether everyone in my class is a trauma survivor, or no one is, I believe reminding people that they have a choice in what happens in their personal space is imperative. Yoga helped me work through my own trauma, and I became a yoga instructor to share this beautiful practice with others. It is not just a physical practice, but a means of learning so much about oneself, that gives us the ability to heal" VANESSA BLAIR
"I teach Yoga in my studio, as well as at a local Children's Hospital, where I guide young patients in a Trauma-Sensitive Yoga class. Therefore, it was very important to me to find a product specifically for their needs, allowing them (or any of my students) to give their consent for touch or to decline the same...without having to summon up the courage to speak aloud in class, as that can be a very difficult thing for someone to do. I discovered Yoga Flip-Chips when searching online, and immediately placed an order for the 25 Yogamat Flip-Chips. The order was placed late in the week, but I was going to need the product before Monday morning. Long story short, I contacted the company, Giles replied and, to my complete surprise, made arrangements for the product to be shipped to me on Saturday, the extra cost of shipping covered by them. The order arrived on Saturday and in time for my Monday class. The product was exactly what I was searching for! I could not have been more grateful for both their compassionate customer service and their mindful product. My appreciation is beyond measure. Thank you!" GIANNA - E-RYT, YACEP
“I’ve been using the Flip-Chips for several months in yoga classes and on yoga retreats. Both the students and I feel empowered! I’ve noticed that the Flip-Chips inspire practitioners to be more thoughtful and sensitive to their own needs, to consider themselves afresh each time they practice. Flip-Chips give me the confidence to know that my assists are welcome” TAMAR, immersiveflow.org
"Thank you for your innovation. My dream is that ALL yoga studios will have a stack of these one day! You are starting a necessary revolution in yoga studios that will make attendance safe as well as fully allow students to be present during class and not distracted with anxiety or worry or fear about a teacher coming over and adjusting them - if they don't want that!" MOLLY BOEDER HARRIS, THE BREATHE NETWORK
“One of the biggest conundrums I've always had with yoga is adjustments. As a student, sometimes I could really use the help, but I wouldn't get it. Other times, I just want to be left alone in my practice, but adjustments are forced upon me. As a teacher, I could never come up with an efficient, yet cordial manner to find out from each individual student prior to class if they wanted adjustments or not. The flip-chip is the panacea. As a student, I enjoy the autonomy and freedom of my choice. As a teacher, I really like the non-invasive, yet immediate answer I have when I look at the flip-chip. I think in a few years we'll all look back and wonder: how did we do that before?" ~ YOGA BRENT
"I'm a yoga teacher at several studios in and around my community in Bristol, VT. I teach a very gentle yoga style and have students with varying abilities. I even teach yoga to folks in recovery from opiate addiction. I am very sensitive to the power of the body as well as the power of touch and I think yoga is best used as a tool of self-embodiment not manual manipulation. I had my hamstring torn by a yoga adjustment in 2009 and have been working with the subsequent physical misalignments of that ever since. Part of the reason that it happened was that I didn't feel comfortable saying stop even when I knew she was pushing too hard on my body. I think the Yoga Flip-Chip embodies the principles of awareness and trusting in your own innate wisdom which is something that I emphasize in all my classes. Whatever your level of confidence in your own wisdom you can so easily let the teacher know how much support you want. Some of my students will put the chip assist side up but half-way under their mat and we've agreed that this means that they'd like very gentle assistance and checking-in as I do. My students have remarked what a brilliant tool it is." JEN PETERSON, E-RYT, REIKI MASTER
"My name is Angie Clark. I teach yoga as part of the employee wellness program where I work. In addition, I donate my time for two different community classes. The participants pay what they can and the money supports two local non-profit organizations. I have all of my participants fill out a waiver. However, when I have a lot of drop-in students it's not easy to keep everyone matched with the names on the waivers. Having the Yoga Flip-Chips takes the guesswork out of who wants and who does not want hands-on assistance. There is no interrupting class to ask a student if they want assistance. In addition, once the class gets going the students have the ability to flip their chip. Going with the Yoga Flip-Chip was the best decision. They are nice quality. They come in a nice carrying pouch. There is no ambiguity about how the students use them."
"I wanted to let you know how wonderful the flip-chips are! I teach middle schoolers and high schoolers these days, and my high school class really loves these. I have several kids in my class who have trauma, one of whom has significant sexual trauma. The flip-chips have really been profound for her. Today, she asked me to remind her what they were for, and it was a wonderful opportunity to talk about "owning our no," so to speak. I told her that it was to give her authority over her body and her choices and that she could take ownership of her needs without concern about what I would think. I was so proud of her when she flipped her chip to the "no hands-on assist" side. We were inspired by a quote from Walt Whitman today: "Be curious, not judgmental." They journaled about it and so the flip-chip conversation was a perfect segway. Thank you so much for making a product that gives a voice to those of us (me included) who have faced trauma and who have struggled with "no." Deep gratitude" ~ Sarit Rogers, Yoga Instructor
"Here at Five Pillars Yoga, we believe that yoga is an individualized process, and also an ever-changing one, even from day to day. We love to offer adjustments to our students that can deepen their practice. However, some days our bodies are craving a hands-on assist, and other days, not so much. Flip Chips make it easy for our students to communicate how they’re feeling that day, without any pressure to vocalize their wishes with the class" ~ Five Pillars Yoga, NYC
"Not every student appreciates being adjusted in class, so how will you remember who does and who doesn't? Yoga flip-chips!" ~Yoga International Magazine
"The flip-chip advances the yoga profession by improving communication and empowering the practitioner" ~ Yoga Alliance