***FEATURED TEACHER*** Brendan Plunkett RYT 200

CONSENT. It’s important people, definitely in yoga class. In case ya didn’t know, physically assisting students is a big discussion in the yoga teaching community right now. That’s a great thing. Some teachers say just don’t. Some say almost always ok. My opinion, I’ll leave it up to you. I do offer a lot of different physical & verbal assists in my classes. If I do ever physically assist you in class it’s because I want to guide you to a position that feels supported by strength & feels spacious & healthy. Regardless of my intentions though, every student has their own story in the yoga practice.  I promise to always give you a choice. There will always be Yoga Flip Chips in my classes because the decision to be physically touched should ALWAYS be up to you.  Love physical assists? Great. Never been into them? Great. Just not feeling it today? Great. Changed your mind halfway through class? Great.  @yogaflipchip provides a discreet, explanation-free, & simple way for me to respect you & your practice.  I’m not sponsored, I don’t work for this awesome company. I just genuinely believe in their product. It’s been revolutionary for my classes. I have more confidence assisting students because they directly communicate with me about what they need/want. I don’t worry about whether they’ve changed their mind since the beginning of class. I don’t panic because I forgot to ask the class about physical assists in the beginning (I’m human). You don’t need to explain anything to me, unless you want to. I see your choice & I respect it.  Philly yoga practitioners, you’ll get familiar with these little chips soon...

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