I would not consider holding a yoga class or designing a trauma-informed yoga program that did not require the use of the flip-chips. They deliver the message: you are welcomed, accepted, and respected just as you are—a message everyone deserves to hear, especially before stepping onto their mat

Dr. Nicole Fava, Assistant Professor, Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work, Florida International University

I love using the flip-chip when I teach because it lets members have a voice as to whether they are comfortable with assistance in class when I am teaching. They are easy to use and quite cute. They are great especially if you are working with new students and do not have an opportunity to chat with them before class.

Jessica Fasulo, Yoga Teacher, Lifetime Fitness, Las Vegas NV

One of the biggest conundrums I've always had with yoga is adjustments. As a student, sometimes I could really use the help, but I wouldn't get it. Other times, I just want to be left alone in my practice, but adjustments are forced upon me. As a teacher, I could never come up with an efficient, yet cordial manner to find out from each individual student prior to class if they wanted adjustments or not. The flip-chip is the panacea. As a student, I enjoy the autonomy and freedom of my choice. As a teacher, I really like the non-invasive, yet immediate answer I have when I look at the flip-chip. I think in a few years we'll all look back and wonder: how did we do that before?

Yoga Brent (yogabrent.com)

I love using the flip-chip in my classes. In the past I was hesitant about giving assists because so many people have injuries. Now I’m able to assist more people. My students love the flip-chip because they can let me know whether or not they want my assistance without having to explain themselves. Brilliant idea!

Michele Baker, E-RYT, RMT, Reiki Master Teacher

The flip-chip advances the yoga profession by improving communication and empowering the practitioner.

Yoga Alliance

Thank you for your innovation. My dream is that ALL yoga studios will have a stack of these one day! You are starting a necessary revolution in yoga studios that will make attendance safe as well as fully allow students to be present during class and not distracted with anxiety or worry or fear about a teacher coming over and adjusting them - if they don't want that!

Molly Boeder Harris, The Breathe Network

We love this flip-chip idea!

ORIGIN Magazine

I've noticed a difference in the number of students who come to class, the number of repeat students who come to class -- which in the past has been problem -- and I've noticed an overall shift in energy. Students are more relaxed. They're more comfortable. They're more receptive to adjustments, and they're asking more questions. So this small powerful tool has removed a lot of barriers that were previously there.

Erin Wendlandt, Yoga Instructor, Okinawa Military Base

Not every student appreciates being adjusted in class, so how will you remember who does and who doesn't? Yoga flip-chips!

Yoga International Magazine

Gold’s is all about personalization, which is why we use the Flip-Chip. Takes yoga to a whole new level!

Kristen Recco, General Fitness Manager, Gold’s Gym (Ashburn, Clocktower & Sterling, Virginia)

I love this flip-chip pouch! Attaching the strap to the mats we rent out extends their life and makes efficient use of scarce storage space, while integrating the flip-chip into our practice.

Julie Conner, RD, CD-N, MPH, Ph.D. Owner, Healthy Weighs Wellness Center

The personal flip-chip pouches are a hit at our studio. Thanks so much!

Andrea Kirkham RYT, Yoga Instructor

“Thank you for asking” were the powerful words gifted to me by a student when I offered flip-chips in my class this week.  As a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, I find it immensely important to refrain from making assumptions, even well-intentioned ones about the needs of our students.  Instead, we have the capacity to help our students heal by assisting them to develop and utilize their own voice as practitioners and human beings.  Flip-chips are an easy and accessible way to fulfill that mission.

Elizabeth Haberer, LCSW, CGP, RYT, Houston, TX

The Flip-Chip adds a touch of class to any yoga setting. It’s beautifully designed and functional too, since it allows class participants to discreetly let the teacher know whether they welcome assists/adjustments or prefer to practice in peace. A brilliant idea!

Krista Power RYT 200, AFLCA, Yoga Instructor

I wanted to let you know how wonderful the flip-chips are! I teach middle schoolers and high schoolers these days, and my high school class really loves these. I have several kids in my class who have trauma, one of whom has significant sexual trauma. The flip-chips have really been profound for her. Today, she asked me to remind her what they were for, and it was a wonderful opportunity to talk about "owning our no," so to speak. I told her that it was to give her authority over her body and her choices and that she could take ownership of her needs without concern about what I would think. I was so proud of her when she flipped her chip to the "no hands-on assist" side. We were inspired by a quote from Walt Whitman today: "Be curious, not judgmental." They journaled about it and so the flip-chip conversation was a perfect segway. Thank you so much for making a product that gives a voice to those of us (me included) who have faced trauma and who have struggled with "no." Deep gratitude.

Sarit Rogers, Yoga Instructor

I'm loving the flip-chips for my Sunday morning yoga class!! They are so helpful!

Bethany Nelson, Yoga Instructor

As a yoga teacher, the Flip-Chip has helped me become a better instructor by eliminating the struggle of trying to remember which student does or does not want hands on assistance. Now I can focus on helping my students get the most out of their practice.

Anja Bachmann, Yoga Instructor

The flip-chip has been a great addition to our yoga program!

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