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Words of Wisdom 

“I’ve been using the flip-chips for several months in yoga classes and on yoga retreats. Both the students and I feel empowered! The students appreciate being able to choose when they’d like to receive assists, and to communicate their needs in a clear, yet subtle, way. They appreciate the flexibility of being able to flip the chips back and forth as needed. I’ve noticed that the flip-chips inspire practitioners to be more thoughtful and sensitive to their own needs, to consider themselves afresh each time they practice.
Flip-chips give me the confidence to know that my assists are welcome” ~ Tamar Samir. tamarsamiryoga.com








"Here at Five Pillars Yoga, we believe that yoga is an individualized process, and also an ever-changing one, even from day to day. We love to offer adjustments to our students that can deepen their practice. However, some days our bodies are craving a hands-on assist, and other days, not so much. Flip Chips make it easy for our students to communicate how they’re feeling that day, without any pressure to vocalize their wishes with the class" ~ Five Pillars Yoga, New York City 


"I think this is the most brilliant idea. I have always struggled with assists and just that general tension, so I am THRILLED to have these flip-chips" ~ Lisa Asch, Owner, BirdHouseYoga.com, California













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