Made in the USA from premium Moso bamboo, your personal Flip-Chip collection comes in a beautiful drawstring pouch, hand-made from an upcycled Sari by Indian women artisans to Fair Trade Federation standards. As you empower yourself by making the Flip-Chip part of your classroom practice, you'll have a positive and long-lasting impact on women artisans and their communities. Fair Trade gives them a voice and helps break the cycle of poverty. 

5 Flip-Chip Colors: Chakra, Mocha, Indigo, Fuchsia, Emerald

Instructions for use: Choose a Flip-Chip that reflects your mood on any given day. When you want a hands-on assist in class, display the side marked ASSIST. Otherwise, flip your chip!

Heads-up: Consent-based yoga is going mainstream. Yoga Alliance now encourages the use of language and tools that support consent-based yoga to promote safe student-teacher relationships, advance inclusivity and trauma sensitivity in yoga, and foster empowered self-inquiry for all yoga students. However, policies on assists still vary from studio to studio. As a courtesy, please give your teacher a heads-up before using your Flip-Chips in class. Thank you!

Pouch Print Design: Please note that your pouch may differ in appearance from any of the random selection of pouches shown on this page. Because they are made from upcycled Saris, every shipment is a delightful surprise!

Backed by our Hassle-Free Guarantee 

International customers: We charge a nominal international shipping rate via the United States Postal Service. Additional import taxes and duties may apply. 

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